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‘In the Moment’ Poetry


In the Moment Poetry is simply just that:  a poem written at a particular moment that is inspired by the present, with little to no post-editing applied.

This poem was written on March 16th:


Part I

Sitting in a cafe—

listening to M83’s ‘Do It’

defines the moment that I sip a cup

and decide whether to read Catcher in the Rye

or current events on the ‘net.


Part II

Kids line up, dividing the room—

I feel like a writer

sitting with my book and computer.

In fact

I place a book on the table

but never read it.

Living the life.

A New Beginning



It has been a long time since I’ve updated this blog.  Three years, in fact.
Sadly, my writing habits tapered off after my writing classes finished around that time.

This is not a completely sad tale, however.  It is as the title suggests.  I have picked up the pen once again!

I have also joined a few writing groups, and have been engaging in short story writing among them.  For one of the groups, I’ve been producing a short-short story about every two weeks.  And who knows, maybe this November I will take another stab at National Novel Writing Month.  I did complete it once, way back when.  As for this page, I will have to be careful about what I publish.  If I post something of mine, it reduces the chance that it could be accepted by any literary journal.

I will, however, come up with different things to write about here.  I’ve been reading books, and I have joined a contest to read 50 books and watch 50 movies within the year.  I doubt I will actually be able to complete that number, but the point is not to complete the exact number, but simply to read and experience more.

I’ve also begun to enjoy the habit of creating spur-of-the-moment poetry.  I’m not a serious poet, but I like the idea of coming up with a group of words to describe a feeling or present experience.

Anyway, I figured that if I was into writing again, I might as well update this blog!

And for anyone that comes to my page, thanks for indulging in my musings, even if for a minute.