Operation Wordspill, and ‘The Words’


The idea came upon me last night that I needed to write.  Funny, because ‘today’ and ‘last night’ are not separate things; I have yet to close my eyes and get some much needed rest.  It will happen soon, no doubt about that. But right now, I must continue with this operation.  Operation Wordspill, that is.  I felt the need to write and express what is happening around me, so what better way than to use an Internet blog like WordPress to get things going.

The Night Before

Last night was full of confliction.  Amidst an unnamed personal drama, I eventually settled upon watching a movie called ‘The Words.’  This was such an excellent choice to make for my current frame of mind.  It was as if, unconsciously, I knew what I needed to see.  To put things more bluntly, I liked the description and list of actors in the movie so I said, ‘Why not?’
I’m thinking that later on I will make a detailed article about the movie, its meanings and effect it had upon me, as a viewer.  That is something I’ve been wanting to do in general, actually.  I already review video games on oprainfall.com, so I could easily get started in talking about movies.  Seems like an apt choice.

Now, about the movie.  I’ll just give a brief description so that this whole thing makes any bit of sense.  ‘The Words‘ is about an author who has written a novel, aptly titled ‘The Words.’  The movie begins with the author at a public reading of his new novel.  His story tells about a man who has made the decision to solely focus on being a writer.  Basically, what happens is that he stumbles upon a draft of a novel that had been stashed away in a leather satchel, which had been lost and eventually wound up in a second hand store.  The writer decides to use this draft as his own, after an impassioned night of reading.  This ultimately has a dire consequence for the writer, as he is confronted about his theft of the story, and must deal with the results of his choices.
That is the gist of the movie, and I have made sure not to spoil anything, as my description of the movie is basically the same as the official description on the box.  While this basic premise is a constant theme throughout the movie, there are some subtle twists that become more apparent later on.
Ultimately, I felt a strong connection with ‘The Words‘ as it deals with the life of a writer, and the struggle of many different feelings associated with that life path, as well as some universal experiences in life.  The movie temporarily appeased the personal confliction I was having, and encouraged me to write, and so here I am now.  After a few hours of WordPress tinkering, I was finally able to commit words to electronic paper.

Thus begins a new journey.



2 thoughts on “Operation Wordspill, and ‘The Words’

  1. I will do my best to follow your posts. I wish you the best success in writing and I hope you publish some of your stories and essays in various publications soon 🙂

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